megan & thomas

i’ve known megan and thomas for years, growing up as family friends. so when i moved down the street from megan’s family and visited their amazing back yard, i was bursting with inspiration at the chance of photographing it; and i was even more thrilled that megan and thomas were willing to model for a shoot. thank you megan and thomas for sharing your charming smiles and your afternoon with us!










the denton family

the denton family is dear to my heart, and it has been wonderful and inspiring to watch them grow. i am so happy to share a few of my favorite images from their christmas photo shoot a few months ago.

thomas & shannon

a few months ago i got to photograph my brother and sister in-law. here are a few of my favorites!

brandon & erin are engaged

liz & skyler

my dear friend liz and her fiance skyler just had their baby zoey.

we took some maternity photos a few months ago. here are a few of my favorites!